StoryTubes 2013 National Contest Rules and Regulations

Release Form
(Adobe Acrobat Plug-in Required)

Any failure to follow the rules and regulations stated below may make an entry ineligible to enter the contest and ineligible to win prizes associated with the contest.
  • Students must have a parent’s or guardian’s permission to enter the contest.
  • The contest is open to English-speaking students aged five years through eighteen years regardless of residence. Parents, teachers, and other adults may also appear in a video with a student or by themselves, but to qualify for prizes a video must have at least one entrant who is a student between the ages of five and eighteen years. If you do not fit the description above but are interested in the contest, please email us as we would like to collect input for the future.
  • An entry consists of EITHER an online video of one student promoting one book or a book series featuring the same character with a corresponding online individual entry form OR an online video of two to five students promoting one book or a book series featuring the same character with the corresponding online group entry form. A group entry may have more than five visually identifiable persons only when the entry meets each of the following circumstances: the additional persons appear briefly to create an effect (e.g. crowd scene or cameo appearances), AND those persons do not contribute new content about the book, AND those persons knowingly waive any claim to prizes. To enter, the contestant must upload the video to YouTube or TeacherTube and submit the correct corresponding StoryTubes Contest Entry Form. Failure to include both elements of the entry will make the entry ineligible.
  • All required fields of the online entry form must be completed, including the category for which the entry is being submitted. See Contest Categories for more information.
  • Entries must be submitted between 10:00 a.m. EST on January 18, 2013 and 7:00 p.m. PST on February 24, 2013.
  • An individual may enter the contest more than once, but each video entry must feature a different book.
  • The spoken information on the video must be in English.
  • The maximum length for each video is two (2) minutes. Entries that exceed two minutes and one second in length (2:01 by the YouTube or TeacherTube counter) will be ineligible.
  • The video may show the book cover and may include brief quotations from the book.
  • The book that is promoted in the video must be appropriate for a family oriented contest.
  • All visual and spoken content of the video must be appropriate for a family oriented contest.
  • Information provided on the online form must be true and accurate. 
  • No personally identifying information should be included in the visual or spoken content of the video. Personal information includes but is not limited to last name, street address, and town or city.
  • By allowing his/her child to enter the contest, a parent acknowledges the nature of the Internet and agrees to ensure that appropriate safety precautions are taken. While the StoryTubes web site contains only approved videos, these videos are also viewable from YouTube and TeacherTube, which are freely accessible websites. Partner libraries and sponsoring publishers have no control over or responsibility for the content on these sites or the actions of those who view the videos.
  • Videos will be reviewed by contest representatives. If necessary to avoid preferential treatment, alternate reviewers will be available to avoid a conflict of interest. 
  • Videos will be evaluated primarily for performance, script, and creativity of supporting materials. Other factors with lesser weight include but are not limited to demonstrated knowledge of the book, technical quality of the entry, and general appeal of the presentation.
  • Partner libraries will work together to select entries to receive Judges’ Choice Awards. At least one award will be reserved for each entry category. Partner libraries will also select videos to proceed to popular voting. The selection of entries by regional partners to receive awards or to proceed to voting is final. Judges’ Choice Awards will be announced by March 21, 2013.
  • Judges’ Choice Award winners will receive books for themselves and the public or school library they designate. The value of these prizes will be announced soon.
  • 2013 online voting for videos that proceed to voting will be held as follows: 
Runners Up, Individual and Group Entries, Ages 5-7 March 29-April 3
Runners Up, Individual and Group Entries, Ages 8-10 - Ballot A April 5-10
Runners Up, Individual and Group Entries, Ages 8-10 - Ballot B April 12-17
Runners Up, Individual and Group Entries, Ages 11-18 April 19-24
Wildcard Voting for Interested Participants, All Ages April 26-May 1
  • Voting will be limited to manual online votes. Robotic votes will be discounted from vote totals. Voting will be otherwise unlimited.
  • Each category winner of the popular vote will receive a bookstore gift card. 
  • Videos that win Judges’ Choice Awards and videos that win popular voting may need to be submitted in their original movie format to the coordinating library partner. A specific parental permission form may be requested for videos that receive recognition.
  • Participants in the StoryTubes contest are subject to all usual and ongoing rules and policies of the partner libraries presenting the contest.
  • Prize winners are responsible for determining what, if any, local tax laws or other laws apply to their winnings and winners agree to abide by those laws.
  • By entering, contestants imply an understanding that while only highly rated entries will receive awards and that all judging parties will be thorough and impartial, evaluating entries is inherently subjective. Judges’ Choice Awards, once awarded, are final.
  • Entrants who agree to allow their entry to proceed to the online voting phase of the contest imply an understanding that online voting itself is not a scientific process. The purpose of voting is to promote books rather than to engage in a controlled process of determining the best entry. Online vote totals, as determined by the partner libraries, are final.
  • All decisions regarding the contest will be made solely at the discretion of the public library contest partners. Library partners reserve the right to change or amend procedures during the contest so as to ensure its viability. All decisions made by library partners are final, determinative, and non-appeal-able.
Questions regarding the contest should be directed to Denise Raleigh.