StoryTubes FAQ

Who can enter StoryTubes?

English-speaking kids anywhere can enter.  There’s no limit on the number of times you can enter the contest as long as you promote a different book each time.  To win a prize, though, at least one person in the group must be between the ages of five and 18 years.

May I work with my friends? 

Yes!  Videos may feature one to five people on screen, or some people in your group can do behind-the-scenes work only.  You may also work to make a video that shows no people but uses animation or other techniques.

How long should my video be?

Videos may be up to two minutes long.  Be sure to check the length of your video, because if it is longer than two minutes it won’t be included in the contest.

What makes a video extra special?

A winning video should make the viewer say, “Wow!”and really want to read the book.  To make that happen, here are some ideas:

  • Practice ahead so you have a great performance.
  • Be creative in the ways you promote the book.  You might want to use costumes, props, signs, or other ways to grab viewers’ attention.
  • Take time to write a great script.
  • Use software to edit your video, make words scroll across the screen, or add transitions
  • Add music!
  • Don’t give away the book’s ending: use cliff-hangers.

What about music or special effects?

Feel free to add music.  See our tips on legal sources.  It’s also OK to use software you have available to create special effects or use technology creatively.

Are there prizes?

We have fabulous contest sponsors who provide prizes.  The major prizes are Judges’ Choice Awards and Judges’ Choice Honorable Mention Awards and are usually books.  The panel of judges for each category uses a weighted balloting system to select winners; judges come from diverse areas and may change from year to year.

Can adults help make a video?

Adults are welcome to assist entrants with filming, editing, etc.  We know that younger children require more help than older kids and teens.  A good general rule of thumb is to make sure that kids are contributing as much as their skill level and your schedule allow.



Music from Legal Sources

Music can add suspense, drama, or other facets to your video.  Creative commons music is free and legal to use.  Start here to learn the basics.
Here are some sources of creative commons music:

Free Music Archive
Jazz On Line 
Musopen - Free Public Domain Classical Music
Royalty Free Music 

 See also: The Free Sound Project (sound effects) at The Free Sound Project



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